General Setup

  1. Navigate to https://jira.example.org/secure/admin/ViewApplicationProperties.jspa

  2. Click Edit Settings

    Base URL: <set as appropriate>
      <p>You will need a Linux Foundation ID to login here.</p>
      <p style="color:red">
          You can create a Linux Foundation ID username (or request a new
          password if forgotten) at
          <a href="https://identity.linuxfoundation.org">
  3. Navigate to https://jira.example.org/secure/admin/EditDefaultDashboard!default.jspa

  4. Move the “Introduction” widget to under the “Your Company JIRA” widget

  5. Navigate to https://jira.example.org/secure/admin/EditAnnouncementBanner!default.jspa

  6. Configure the Annoucement as follows:

    <style type="text/css">
      div#publicmodeoffmsg {
        display: none;
      a#forgotpassword {
        display: none;
      a#login-form-cancel {
        display: none;
      a.aui-nav-link.login-link {
        display: none;
  7. Set Visibility Level to Public

  8. Navigate to https://jira.example.org/secure/admin/OutgoingMailServers.jspa

  9. Configure outgoing email as follows:

    Name: localhost
    From address: jira@example.org
    Email prefix: [JIRA]
    Protocal: SMTP
    Host Name: localhost
  10. Click Update


  1. Navigate to https://jira.example.org/plugins/servlet/embedded-crowd/directories/list

  2. Click Add Directory

  3. Choose Internal with LDAP Authentication and click Next

  4. Configure LDAP

    Name: Delegated LDAP Authentication
    Directory Type: OpenLDAP
    Hostname: ldap.example.org
    Port: 636
    Use SSL: True
    Copy User on Login: True
    Default Group Membership: jira-software-users
    Synchronize Group Memberships: True
    Base DN: dc=example,dc=org
    User Name Attribute: uid
    Additional User DN: ou=Users
    User Display Name Attribute: cn
    # Group Schema Settings
    Additional Group DN: ou=Groups
    Group Object Class: groupOfNames
    Group Object Filter: (&(objectclass=groupOfNames)(|(cn=PROJECT-*)(cn=lf-releng)(cn=lf-sysops)(cn=lf-helpdesk)))
    # Membership Schema Settings
    Group Members Attribute: member
    User Membership Attribute: memberOf


    In Group Object Filter, change cn=PROJECT-* to replace PROJECT with the group prefix for the project you want to have group permissions on this JIRA instance. Eg. odl, onap, opnfv, etc…

  5. Click Save and Test

  6. Ensure the Internal directory has higher precedence than OpenLDAP

At this point we should be able to log in using our personal account to continue managing the JIRA Server. This is necessary for the LDAP admin groups to appear.

Admin Permissions

  1. Navigate to https://jira.example.org/secure/admin/GlobalPermissions!default.jspa

  2. Add lf-collab-admins and lf-helpdesk to the following groups:

    • JIRA System Administrators

    • JIRA Administrators

    • Browse Users

    • Create Shared Objects

    • Manage Group Filter Subscriptions

    • Bulk Change

Post configuration

  • Inform LF Helpdesk about new Jira instance

    Create a new Helpdesk ticket with the following text:

    Greetings Helpdesk,
    This is a notification that a new JIRA is online at
    https://jira.example.org and ready for you to take on license management
    and renewals.
    Please install the initial trial license.