LF Helpdesk / Service Desk

The service desk is a support platform for administrative and infrastructure issues requiring input or action from members of the Linux Foundation IT staff.

Choose “Project Services” as your support category and then start typing your question into the field provided. As you type, the system will suggest knowledge base articles that may help you find an applicable self-service solution.

If none of the suggested articles are helping you resolve your problem, please navigate the menus under the input field to select the category that best reflects the nature of your request.

We can help you faster and better if you provide a detailed explanation of the problem in the description field of your new support request. Once you submit the request, you can track its status by selecting “Requests->My Requests” in the top-right of the Service Desk interface. If there are any changes to your request, you will receive an automated email notification.

Our response time to routine support requests will vary depending on the nature of the request and we will generally take care of issues during US business hours.

Sharing Issues to Others

A frequently asked question that we receive is how to share issues with other people or groups of people. There are presently two ways to share issues:

# You may share issues with other members of an organization you are a member of # You may share issues with other organizations that you are a member of

We presently populate organizations based upon the projects in which people open issues. If you are not part of one of the project community LFID groups when you first log in you may find yourself in one at a later time and will automatically join the organization that the group powers.

Once you are a member of an organization your account will default to having new issues shared to your organization. This will happen if you are a member of a single organization. If you are a member of more than one organization, then you will default to creating your issue as private.

During issue triage, if we find that an issue does not contain any private data we may share it to the project organization(s) to which it pertains if the issue was not automatically created that way.

At present, there is no way to share an issue with arbitrary email addresses. We are actively looking into ways in which we may make something like this available in the future.

If there is a particular person that needs to be a participant of an issue, the support desk staff can add them as a participant as long as they have logged into the system at least once. We are unable to add people that have not logged in.