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Nexus 2 GuideΒΆ

LF projects use Nexus Repository Manager 2 to store Maven and Java based artifacts. It helps organizing dependencies and releases.


And Nexus Repository Manager 2 specifics:

To access Nexus 2 for a particular project, use URL:

Nexus Repository Manager 2 main view.

Users do not need to login using their LFID credentials. LF admin teams and LFRE engeneers should login to access the administator options. Other users can browse the repositories and proxies anonymously.

Nexus Repository Manager 2 browse view.

Alternately, users can access the repositories outside the GUI using the URL:

Nexus Repository Manager 2 content view.

Nexus 2 communicates with Jenkins server which is the interface used to make the artifacts publications on a scheduled or by demand basis (depending on the Jenkins JJB configuration for the particuar job).