Setup DCO

To setup a DCO we require configuring probot for our GitHub Organization.

  1. Navigate to

  2. Click Configure at the top right of the page

  3. Choose the Organization to deploy the DCO to

  4. Set All repositories and Save

At this point DCO configuration is complete for the organization. Next we need to configure each repository to require the DCO.

Navigate to the Settings page and set the DCO for each repository following these steps:

  1. Click Branches

  2. Configure Branch protection rules for each branch which needs DCO enforcement

  3. Set the following configurations:

    • Protect this branch

    • Require pull request reviews before merging

    • Dismiss stale pull request approvals when new commits are pushed

    • Require review from Code Owners

    • Require status checks to pass before merging * DCO * (any verify jobs)

    • Include administrators


      Status checks will not appear until a job using one of them has ran at least once.

  4. Click Save