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GitHub Replication Configuration

Initial configuration (required once)

  1. Hiera configuration:

        config_file: '/opt/gerrit/etc/replication.config'
        mode: '0644'
            # ORG == the Org on GitHub
            # ${name} is literal and should exist in that format
            url: '${name}.git'
              - '+refs/heads/*:refs/heads/*'
              - '+refs/heads/*:refs/tags/*'
            timeout: '5'
            threads: '5'
            authGroup: 'GitHub Replication'
            remoteNameStyle: 'dash'
  2. If a $PROJECT-github account does not exist on GitHub, create it, setup 2-factor authentication on the account, and add the recovery tokens to LastPass. The email for the account should be to collab-it+$

  3. Copy the public SSH key for the ‘gerrit’ user into the GitHub account

  4. On the Gerrit Server do the following:

    # create 'root' shell
    sudo -i
    # create 'gerrit' shell
    sudo -iu gerrit
    # Add the server key to gerrit's known_hosts file
    ssh-keyscan -t rsa >> ~/.ssh/known_hosts
    # exit from 'gerrit' shell
    # restart Gerrit so that SSH changes are properly picked up
    systemctl restart gerrit
    # exit from 'root' shell
  5. Add the account to the GitHub Organization as a Member

  6. Configure the Organization with the following options:

    1. Members cannot create repositories
    2. Members cannot delete or transfer repositories
    3. Set the default repository permission to Read
    4. Require 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) for everyone
  7. Create a Replication team in the organization and add the $PROJECT-github account

  8. In Gerrit create a ‘GitHub Replication’ group that is empty

  9. Set the following ACL on the All-Projects repository

        DENY: GitHub Replication

Repository replication setup (repeat for each repository)

Perform the following in each repository mirrored from Gerrit

  1. Create the repository in the GitHub organization replacing any occurrence of ‘/’ with ‘-‘ as ‘/’ is an illegal character for GitHub repositories.

  2. Add the Replication Team to the repository with write privileges

  3. In Gerrit add the following ACL

        ALLOW: GitHub Replication
  4. Perform initial code drop

    The initial code drop must be present before you enable Gerrit replication for a repository.

  5. Enable repo replication

    To enable replication for a single repo:

    ssh -p 29418 ${youruid}@${project_gerrit} replication start --wait --url ${repo_url}

    To enable replication for more than one repo:

    ssh -p 29418 ${youruid}@${project_gerrit} replication start --all --wait
  6. Watch GitHub to see if the repo starts to replicate, if not troubleshoot by looking at ~gerrit/logs/replication*