This document is for LF internal release engineering. The information below references communications channels that are not all reachable by non-LF staff.

Infrastructure critical to releng:

  1. Gerrit

  2. Nexus

  3. Jenkins

Priority is to make sure developers are able to continue working. This means Jenkins, Nexus, and Gerrit are reachable and can perform code builds.


A project failing because of a bug or compile error in their code is not an emergency. If known working code is failing because the job cannot fetch code from Gerrit, or artifacts from Nexus, or builders are not spawning in Jenkins would be an emergency as infrastructure is not working as expected preventing the project from building their code.

If we are unable to perform any builds and these services are offline then we need to make sure someone is working on getting these services back online.

  1. Look into the problem and see if we can fix it ourselves

  2. Failing that ping the IT team in #it-infra for help


    Use @here in the #it-infra channel to ping everyone in the channel.

  3. Contact emergency line:

    In the email provide these key details:

    1. What project ( / OpenDaylight / ONAP / OPNFV / etc…)

    2. What service is failing (Gerrit / Jenkins / Nexus)


    The emergency line will ring the pager and contact whoever is on call.