Most common issues

  1. Gerrit triggers not working

    • Make sure your GH organization accepts Personal Access Tokens

    • Click on Organization Settings, Personal Access Tokens, Settings where setup prompt questions will appear to complete the Fine-Grained and Personal token configuration.

    • Confirm the token is active under Organization Settings, Personal Access Tokens, Active tokens.

    • Make sure the resource owner of the token created by the admin user is the organization and not the user.

Event troubleshooting

  1. Manually craft a trigger and see if there is an error

    • Login to the Gerrit system and switch to the Gerrit user

    • Execute a trigger hook replicating a new event:

      ./hooks/patchset-created --change <repo_path_in_gerrit>~<branch>~<changsetID_starts_with_I> \
      --kind REWORK --change-url <the_URL_to_the_change> --change-owner "Foo <>" \
      --change-owner-username foo --project <repo_path_in_gerrit> --branch <branch> --topic <topic_or_''> \
      --uploader "Foo <>" --uploader-username foo --commit <commit_sha> --patchset <patchset_number>
    • Debug the error produced