gerrit-to-platform requires prior configuration in GitHub

GitHub configuration

Use a Personal Access Token to open communication between Gerrit and GitHub. Review and update your token policies.

GitHub documentation

Steps to update your Token Policies

  1. Login into your project’s GitHub account using the project’s owner credentials

  2. Click on your project’s organization

  3. Click on Settings (last tab in the menu)

  4. Expand the Personal access tokens menu from the panel in the left

  5. Click on Settings

  6. Make sure tokens have allow access and require administration approval

Steps to create the Personal Access Token

  1. Once logged in with the project’s owner account, click on the user tab in the top right corner

  2. Click on Settings

  3. Find the Developer Settings option in the menu on the left

  4. Select and expand Personal Access Tokens

  5. Select Fine-grained tokens

  6. Click Generate new token

  7. Use a meaningful name Gerrit to Platform token for GHA

  8. Set a date of 1 year (Might want to keep track of this date via calendar reminder)

  9. Optionally add a description

  10. Make sure the resource owner is your Project’s Organization and not your User

  11. Select All Repositories option

  12. Repository permissions should be Actions: read and write and Contents and Metadata: read

  13. Copy your token and store it in a safe place


    Create your token using a project’s owner account for automatic approval.

    To make sure, navigate to your Org->Settings->Personal access tokens->Active tokens and notice your token listed.