Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Magic repos may not have the same branches that the source repo does make the assumption / requirement that the magic repo uses refs/heads/main for everything


New Features

  • Required workflows are now searched for out of the ORGANIZATION/.github magic repository which matches with ‘required’ as part of the workflow filename.

Upgrade Notes

  • Only workflow files will be searched for relevant jobs to execute. They must now also contain ‘gerrit’ in the filename.

    ex gerrit-verify.yaml or verify-gerrit.yaml instead of a verify.yaml

  • Workflows must now all contain ‘gerrit’ as part of their filename

  • Workflows must now have the search filter word as part of their filename

  • Workflow names (friendly name inside the workflow) are no longer searched for triggering purposes



This is the initial release of gerrit_to_platform.