Release Notes



First release of the Linux Foundation’s Jenkins pipeline library.

New Features

  • New global var lfParallelCostCapture. This is a function to be run as a “post” call at the end of each stage within a parallel block, which will gather cost data from dynamically-allocated build nodes. It outputs a file titled “stack-cost” and stashes it. lfInfraShipLogs has been modified to unstash this file, which will automatically be picked up by the script.

  • The lfJava global var introduces functionality equivalent to the global-jjb jobs for maven-verify, maven-merge, and maven-stage. This will test new patch/pull requests, test and deploy artifacts upon merge, and stage artifacts for release.

  • lfInfraShipLogs, which implements log shipping as seen in global-jjb. This includes S3 shipping, Nexus shipping, and job cost data.

  • Add the lfNode job, which replicates the functionality of the global-jjb node-verify job.