Release Notes


Upgrade Notes

  • Upgrade lf-standard-* flavors to v3

    v3 flavors guarantees jobs spin on newer hardware that are faster and cost-efficient than the v2 flavors.


Known Issues

  • Remove availability zone from Openstack templates. This was causing errors, and is unnecessary (there is only one AZ for these images).


Bug Fixes

  • Updated Ubuntu 18.04 image as the previous base image was uploaded in qcow2 format. This caused timeouts in packer builds. New image is in raw format.

    Replaces: “LF - Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (2020-07-28)”

    With: “LF - Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (2019-12-11)”


New Features

  • CentOS 7 builds will now include the Sigul client by default. This package is now in use by most projects, and is being downloaded whenever it is needed. This has particularly been a problem due to frequent connection issues with the kojipkgs servers that host the sigul package.

Upgrade Notes


Bug Fixes


Upgrade Notes

  • Add CentOS 8.x base image.


Bug Fixes

  • Use netselect to choose a package mirror to install python-minimal in a reliable manner.

    apt{-get} does not refresh the package mirrors (for packer builds run within Jenkins), therefore fails with “E: Unable to locate package python-minimal” while installing python-minimal.


Bug Fixes

  • The EC2 (aws) template had an extra configuration option that was added but had not been properly tested. This option is removed allowing aws based templates to properly validate and build.

  • Pygments release 2.4.0 which added a python requires that excludes all versions of Python < 3.5. The LFCI default 3 version is 3.4 so causes build failure.

  • Request-2.22.0 does not work with python-3.4.9, so pin requests to v2.21.0 to address the tox failures.

  • Ansible supports lists passed to package install that can avoid using with_items. Using with_items makes multiple calls to the packages manager slowing down the performance.


New Features

  • More control over Openstack images is now allowed. This includes selection of cloud, availability zone, if volumes should be created and at what size and format.

Upgrade Notes

  • Packer 1.3.2 is now required to support Openstack block storage and disk format requirements

  • The CentOS 7.6 1811 base image is uploaded on the cloud provider. Switch the packer var files to build from the latest CentOS 7.6 1811 base image.


Upgrade Notes

  • Requires Global JJB v0.26.0 minimum.